About us

Who are we ?

We design, supply and install cold rooms and cleanrooms all around Europe.

Based on our experience in cold rooms and cleanrooms activities, ILITHIA France offers customized solutions to meet your project requirements.



Key figures

  • Turnover 2018 : 911K€
  • Workforce : 9 people
  • Installed surface area : 25 000 m²



Our skill and expertise

Since 2011, ILITHIA France has been expert in cold rooms and cleanrooms design, supply and installation.

Our extensive experience means we can offer customized solutions for your projects, both for new-buildings, renovation of work premises or maintenance of your current facilities.

We can provide shop drawings and detail drawings that give you an overall view of your project.



Our client base

We have a wide client base that includes small, modular cold rooms for warehouses, centralized kitchens, supermarkets, pharmaceutical plants, laboratories, operating theatres, and facility maintenance.



Our partners and suppliers